Hands up who has a stationery addiction? How could you not? There are so many different bits and pieces that you can buy, in different styles, designs and different uses.

 But where should you buy your stationery from? There are SO many options for purchasing stationery from the big chain stores, newsagents and boutique specialty stores. Is there a better place to buy out of these? With most products, we love to say that purchasing from small businesses is the way to go and we stand by this when it comes to purchasing your stationery needs. We have put together a few reasons why we think purchasing from boutique stores is the way to go.



If you are purchasing your stationery from one of the big chain stores then the things you have in your trolley are one of the millions that have been mass-produced. When an item is being mass-produced in very VERY large quantities there are risks to the quality of the product. Cheaper paper and dyes are used in order to make it more cost-effective for them and you run the risk of your product showing the effects of this. 

Boutique stores are producing their products in much smaller quantities and due to these products being their specialty they ensure that good quality papers and dyes are used and that the product meets all of their requirements before selling. 



How many times have you seen a ‘one of a kind’ item listed on Etsy or a Facebook business page to then see a few months later that an almost identical item is available in the big chain stores? Think fairy doors – these were a product created by a work at home mum and then the following year there were many recreations by the big stores. 

Many of the designs you see on notebooks and stationery items in the shops have been taken from that of a specialty business who first created the design. 

Boutique stores take the time to design their own products, research what YOU want to see and make it happen.



When purchasing from a large chain store, you are not helping the little people in business. These stores have thousands of different products across many different areas and are producing a LOT of profit. Due to the convenience of all different products in their stores, they are able to capitalise off people coming in for one thing and walking out with ten and increasing their profits even more. 

Many boutique stores are family run and operated. They started with nothing and are building up a business based on what they love – and what they love being able to provide. Purchasing from these smaller businesses means that you are helping to support a family, support a dream and keep a small business going. 


Service Level

Chain stores have a lot of people in and out of them on a daily basis and their staff do try to help as many people as they can, but unfortunately, they can not get to everyone. The customer service level in some of the larger stores is on the decrease due to demand on their jobs, uneducated in certain areas of the store and untrained management.

Boutique stores are a lot smaller and there is a level of personal customer service when you enter them. You are normally greeted and asked if you need help and assisted right through your purchase process (no self-service checkouts here!)

The people working in these stores are either the owners or people who genuinely like the products and want to be there. This helps to make a friendly and welcoming environment. 


Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Kmart bargain as much as the next person, however next time before you go straight to your nearest one – look around to see which small businesses are around you and who may be able to help you. You may need to pay a little bit more for your products but the quality and service will definitely make up for this.


Happy Shopping!