Why is it that the desk is one of the main spots in the house for clutter to accumulate? I mean, not just a little but a place where everyone wants to leave their bits and bobs, where papers are strewn everywhere and for the life of you – you can’t find a pen!

Studies have shown that having an organised desk or workspace leaves us being more productive and able to get more done. Which means, the cluttered desk needs to be a thing of the past. We need to focus on keeping our desks organised and our minds motivated. Plus – who doesn’t love a reason to go out and buy new stuff 😉 Check out our tips below on how you can organise your workspace. 

1. Compartment Drawers 
A simple (and crucial) one to start with is the organising of your drawers so that you can actually find all of your pens and bits and bobs when you need them. Sectioning your drawers into different compartments for each different item is a great way to organise your drawers. You can keep it as simple as using a cutlery organiser in the drawer or purchase little containers to sit next to each other in the drawer for each different item. If you are sharing your desk with family members, label each compartment so that they know where to put things back when they are finished with them.

2. Stackable Trays
Bills, school notes, appointments – they all end up in one big pile on the desk that just gets shifted from one spot to another when you need the space. Setting up stackable trays on the end of your desk, each labelled with what goes in them will help keep the clutter off your desk and will help you to stay on top of what needs to be actioned still. Teach your kids to put their notes in the right one after school and check daily for anything new that they may have put in there. 

3. Overhead shelf 
A small overhead shelf is a great place to showcase the décor pieces that you would usually have on your desk. Use the shelf to show off family photos, candles and trinkets. Being able to look up from your chair and see these items that have meaning to you will help with your motivation whilst still keeping your desk clean and tidy. 

4. Cork Board / White Board
Having a To-Do board attached to the wall behind or next to your desk will help to reduce the number of post-it notes and reminders all over your desk. Being able to see what you have coming up and things that you need to action is important and a must-have at any desk. Having the reminders of the desk itself means that you have plenty of room to start actioning each item. 

5. Peg Board
If you do not have much drawer space in or around your desk, a pegboard is your answer!
Using a pegboard you can add in different containers for items, wooden dows for hanging items off and so much more. Not only is a peg more an effective way of organsing your desk, they also look very stylish and you can arrange the items on it in any way that you like. Find a design for your items that is stylish and effective for your needs. 

There are so many different ways to organise your desk or workspace and many can be either by not spending any money or by spending very little. 

Choose a theme for your desk and work area and make it something that excites you and somewhere that you want to be spending your time. The happier you are in your workspace – the more productive you will be. 

Show us your favourite desk organising tip below.