We recently had a chat with Sam from ‘Stick with Sam’. Sam and her sister Christine were one of the first businesses to sign up on our directory, and we are so thankful for their faith and trust in our business to come on board. The girls have a love of planners and organisation and have created a business together that specialises in planners and planners accessories for everyone – printable planners, printable stickers and printed calendars.


Tell us a bit about your business and what products we can expect to discover?

Stick With Sam sells a variety of printable planners to help people organise their family, hobby, work or anything else that needs keeping track of. We create designs that can be instantly downloaded and printed by the purchaser so there is no waiting (and no excuses) to start planning that future event.

Our products include daily, weekly and monthly planners, fitness trackers, shopping lists, to-do lists, finance trackers and notes.  All of these come in a variety of styles and themes.

We also have printed calendars for those that want a professionally printed product.

Our product range has grown to a stage where we now have dozens of different designs but we have so many ideas for new planners the collection will continue to grow!


What is your background and how did you start working with stationery?

Mum loved planners and when we were growing up she was always buying them for us and encouraging us to write in them and decorate them.  Christine and I have always continued to use planners to keep ourselves organised and we’d always talked about designing our own.

Christine is a talented graphic artist but has a lot of work on, so didn’t have time to start and run an online shop. I work in the corporate world, so when I offered to run the shop Stick With Sam was born.

We started our business on the Etsy platform which has been running for over a year now.


Which other stationery labels do you love and what inspires you?

We love all the planner products such as Filofax, Erin Condren and kikki.K. Our biggest inspiration has turned out to be our customers. The Etsy market invites customers to write reviews and engage in conversations and this feedback has been overwhelmingly positive which motivates us to do more.


What is your workspace like and what is your creative process?

The shop is managed on my laptop that is always within arms reach when I’m at home.  My workspace is all white and light wood and with all our colorful planners on my desk or on the walls – and white folder after white folder with all our many ideas filed! Everything has a place and is in order in my office!  The most prominent space in my office is Christine’s “To Do” list that I send her twice a week.  The majority of the time we agree on the list – but there are times that she goes off on a tangent and does her own “To Do” List.  She calls it her “creative” temperament – I call it “annoying big sister” temperament!

Christine, has a serious computer for desktop publishing with stylus pens etc that she uses for creating the designs.  Her workspace is super colorful and artistic.  You won’t find a white folder in Christine’s office!  Other than the same planners everywhere, one would not know we were sisters!


What do you love about working with stationery and what are some of the challenges?

We love that the scope for new designs is infinite and one of the challenges is to prioritise this infinite scope. While we generally agree on new products it is definitely a discussion my sister and I have often.

We love the feedback from our customers some of whom have taken the time to send photos of their planners in use!


What new projects are you working on and where would you like to see your business in the future?

We are very happy with the organic growth of the business so far. We have more planner products in the pipeline with different functions and themes to come.

We would love to see our Etsy shop continue to grow and while we will continue planning to plan planners there is always that element of customer feedback to bend the path we follow.