Modern Stationery Co’s Ultimate Mother’s Day Buying Guide

Still stuck on what to get for Mum this Mother’s Day? We have done a round up of some of our favourite things on the market right now to bring you the ultimate Mother’s Day buying guide!

Lets begin with cards, because we all know cards are the coolest thing on earth and no gift is complete without one!

1. First up we have the Fox & Fallow Mother’s Day Tropical Greeting Card. Simply bloody stunning! $5.95

Fox & Fallow Mother's Day tropical greeting card

2. In the Daylight have two that I simply couldn’t scroll past. Number 1 is the Mother’s Day Confetti card – too cute for words!


Also not really sure if this is technically a Mother’s Day card, but who else used to say to mum ‘I love you more than, CHOCOLATE’ Now seriously, that’s a lot of love! In The Daylight Love you More Than card – $6.95

In the Daylight LOVE YOU MORE THAN GREETING CARD Ultimate Mother's Day buying guide



3. This card is just plain awesome, nuff said! Meet me in Shermer Cool Mom card – $5.50


4. Celebratink has this beautiful timeless piece for all your classy Mum’s 🙂 Mother’s Day Floral card – $5.00


5. Another classic from the ever beautiful Penned Black, gold foil, simple, beautiful! $6.08


Ok, now the fun part of my ultimate Mother’s Day buying guide… Stationery gifts, oh and just cool gifts. I found a few that I just want.

6. Papier d’Amour has a pretty nice little collection of gifts over on their site. I don’t think i know a single Mum that would be disappointed with this pen, it is perfect in every way. Frankie take note! Papier d’Amour Kate Spade Ballpoint pen $65.00


7. So those that know me, know I am obsessed with navy blue. Seriously navy anything can win me over. This is another from Papier d’Amour (these guys have everything)! This Elk brand is beautiful, I have a pair of their boots that I have smashed the last few winters and they are still going strong. So worth the investment and the leather is buttery and luscious. But, enough rambling. Elk Toft Leather Wallet, Navy Blue $160.00

Papier d'Amore Elk wallet


8. Last one from Papier d’Amour. This one is for your sporty Mum’s out there, as well all the Mum’s that like to drink water. This colour is just beautiful. S’well Bottle in Pomegranate – $60.00


9. Now I don’t know a single mother that wouldn’t love to receive one of these journals, they are simply gorgeous and such a wonderful way to record your child’s life story. The Grace Files, Love Letters to my Child – $59.95 (They are currently running a competition on their Facebook and Instagram pages for Mother’s Day, only a few days left)!

The Grace Files Love_Letters_to_my_Child_Journal


10. Last and very much not least! You need something gorgeous to wrap your beautiful gifts in! Fox & Fallow Amazon Gift Wrap – 3 Rolls of 3 Sheets – $36.00 (make sure you keep a sheet for yourself and frame it! They make the best wall prints)!

Fox & Fallow Amazon Gift Wrap


That’s it guys, my ultimate Mother’s Day buying guide! Let me know what you end up buying your Mumma, I’m thinking my Mum has been pretty good to us this year with all the babysitting, she definitely deserves something pretty special.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mum’s out there, no matter what part of the journey you are on!